Essential Checklist

The Essential Checklist

Highly Effective Goal Setting Tool

Some people are referring to 2021 as “Year 1”. Somehow, it seems appropriate. After this past breath-taking, downright stifling year, the desire for clarity and purpose for many business owners is at the top of the New Year planning agenda. Selecting an app or program to manage and track goals in itself can be overwhelming. Watching YouTube How-To videos, reading reviews, training demos can suck your energy faster than shoveling a packed 4-foot snowdrift around your car.

As I started to map the coming year’s “To-Dos” it hit me. I LOVE To-Do lists. They are so simple, so gratifying. Checking the boxes and scratching the item as done. Sometimes, I find myself adding things I’ve already done because I just need to feel progress.

As it turns out, I was legitly onto something. Apparently, the Checklist was used to put a man on the moon; is used by surgeons to reduce death rates, pilots to fly safely, engineers to build massive structures, and on and on.

Author Greg McKeown, explains how it relieves the mind of having to try to remember and overtime you choose to do things that matter most.

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