Share your story, not your mission.

Quest of an Entrepreneur

“Our mission is to …”      yawn

Mission statements are intended to share the business vision with employees and customers. They can come off as sterile and self–serving. If you have a ton of money to throw at brand awareness like a large corporation, you might be able to afford to be boring.

However, if the marketing purse strings are tight, creativity will need to be called upon to engage your people, intrigue your audience and spark action.

Take your reader on a journey. Share how your business took root, talk about the pain you solve, or the joy you bring to world. Show them who you are, let them imagine what it would be like to engage with you.

Every business has a story worth sharing. To help uncover yours, craft your message around four pivotal moments that caused you to start or change the direction of your business.

  1. What problem did you encounter?
  2. Define your moment of insight that sparked the creation or change in your business?
  3. How do you uniquely fix the problem?
  4. How will this change the personal life of your audience for the better?

Remember, your mission statement isn’t about your product or service, it’s about how you help someone reach their goal.

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