How to Batch Content

How to BATCH your marketing content

The secret sauce to consistent marketing is to BATCH.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and behind in creating fresh marketing content. This happens when you jump from task to task. Other things start to get in the way and take priority over your marketing goals.

Take control of your marketing creation by using a batching method. Quickly you’ll experience:

  • Consistency
  • Your messaging becomes prioritized
  • Improved productivity

Here’s how to BATCH your content:

  1. Determine your tasks
  • Define your topic theme and list ideas that are relevant to your audience
  • Write content and captions
  • Create videos, photos, graphics
  • Design and edit
  • Publish


  1. Set your schedule per task

For example:

Rather than creating an individual post from start to finish, schedule the task of several post ideas.

Day 1 – Research and produce post ideas

Day 2 – Write copy and cations for each post idea

Day 3 – Create graphics

Day 4 – Make edits

Day 5 – Schedule and publish


Remember consistent messaging helps to build trust in you and your business.

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