Building Your Business

How do you know if what you’re doing
online is helping or hurting?

Before mapping out big goals, sort through what you already have in place. Define what business you are in and how you solve the needs of your ideal customer.

Your brand is the experience people have when they engage with your business. Develop a brand design guideline to help keep your messaging consistent.

Your website needs to speak to the people you want to attract and include a call-to-action.

Choose the media platforms and distribution channels where your customers hang out. Remember to review feedback, then set smart goals for your business.

Building Your Business

This program will help you strategically create and distribute valuable content to your ideal audience.

There are six modules in this program.

  1. Identify the gaps in your website
  2. Define your ideal customer
  3. Write your story
  4. How you'll connect with your audience
  5. Distribute your message
  6. Analyze and plan for your future

You'll receive a new module every three days along with a video and worksheets to help guide you.

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How to Create an Effective Website

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